5 – Bollywood dancing


Photo: Vineet Radhakrishnan. Source: Flickr

When I started university this year I intended to join the hockey team. When I actually went to Sport’s Fayre, I somehow managed to be convinced into joining the dance society instead.

The University of Lincoln Dance Society (ULDS for short) is very similar to a family. I’ve really enjoyed my time with them this year and fully intend on rejoining in September.

I’ve always felt welcome in classes and at socials and I’ve really enjoyed being able to forget that I don’t dance, or that I’m not the fittest or the skinniest person in the room because it doesn’t matter when we’re all together, things are just fun.

Over the last few months I stopped going to classes. At the start of the year I went to at least three classes every week, but when I came back from Christmas I started to get poorly more often or felt constantly drained and just found myself either too busy or too tired to go. I missed the show everyone had been preparing for and that was a huge knock to my sense of belonging.


Sporting my dance gear with pride. Photo: Jamie McMillan

I decided to start going back to classes as soon as the show was finished. Luckily, all of the classes were going to be held for fun from then on, starting with a new Bollywood class held by our current social secretary Kimrin on Monday.

I have to admit, my thoughts towards the class were very confused before I went. My only previous experience with Bollywood had been the music videos shown in the waiting bar of our local Indian restaurant, The Agra, just outside of Sleaford.

Pairing a dance class to memories of an Indian restaurant wasn’t really the perfect match but I went with it anyway, deciding to make new connotations with the word.

I went along to the class and with about nine other people Kimrin began to teach us her solo that she’d performed in the show the weekend before. It was a very intensive 45 minutes that saw me burn over 200 calories according to my Fitbit!

We started off by learning a few basic moves which would set us up for some moves used in the dance. We learnt how to position our hands so they looked more authentic, and also how to do the ‘horse trot’ that would allow us to complete moves on the spot.

I meant to video the class to bring back a more accurate representation of what we did but unfortunately I got a little too wrapped up in learning the moves!

I’m really hoping that Kimrin goes on to teach the class full-time next year. It was a really enjoyable session and it brought me a lot of satisfaction to learn something from a culture other than my own. I would definitely recommend Bollywood dancing to anyone!

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