4 – Reddit Writing Prompt

This week I used a Reddit writing prompt and published my work as a comment on the post.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 07.59.16.png

The prompt, posted on Reddit by /u/saraki-yooy

A Reddit writing prompt is a few words or phrases posted on the popular online forum that is intended to inspire a piece of fiction. These prompts can be;


The sub forum I was using, r/writingprompts, has over 10.5 million subscribers, with an average of 2,000 users online at any one time.


The number of people using Reddit as of this time last year. Source: Statista


I first started writing when I was about 13, writing a lot of fan fiction and completing National Novel Writing Month in November 2013 by writing 50,000 words of my Harry Potter inspired novel, False Enemies.

I’m really quite protective of my work because I know it’s not very good. Unless I set out to write a short piece I’ll either veer off track or rush my way through the plot.

As well as this, about 65% of my writing portfolio is fan fiction which is typically seen as very childish and immature. It’s not considered ‘real writing’ by many people as you’re ‘just stealing the ideas of another person’ which can be quite disheartening to hear.

Despite this, I still enjoy writing. It’s relaxing and gives me a vent for all of the action-packed fantasies in my mind. It’s not useless to imagine a firefight in the middle of London if it’s in the name of fiction!

Publicly posting such a quickly created piece of work, however, is something I’ve never done before. Each time I’ve decided to publish my work online I’ve spent weeks or months editing it before putting it live.

I’m fairly proud of the way it turned out. I tried to keep it simple and to the point which was difficult with the ideas I wanted to include. The piece can be found here and the thread makes for an interesting read. Some of the responses are fantastic!



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