3 – Try Peacekeeping

Day six

The hissing and growling every time I turn my back is growing unbearable. I’m not sure how much longer I can stay on constant watch over the kittens. 

This week I’m looking after my family cat Fluffy. Fluff is eight years old and a very pampered puss. She loves fuss, food, and treats, but only on her terms.


My pretty girl Fluff

She cost us £5 from a farmhouse in Northumberland and 12-year-old me adored having such a rascal in the house. We were almost inseparable when I lived at home, she used to come to curl up and sleep alongside me. 

In August my flat became the new home for two of the 47,000 cats rescued each year when we adopted a pair of adorable kittens.

That’s when I discovered Fluff couldn’t stand the thought of being replaced with a younger model, or worse, having to interact with one.


My ‘vicious’ and ‘horrible’ boys. Alfie is the sleepy one and Kenco is the rascal sitting on his brother.

She first came to stay in September and went crazy the moment she saw them.

She hissed, spat, clawed, and then escaped through a window. The police arrived at about 3:30am as apparently I looked very suspicious running around the estate in a blanket, crying and poking trees with a broom.

The rest of the week went by with similar conflict. I cried again when she left because the thought of my baby girl turning her back on me crushed my soul.

This is why I became a feline peacekeeper. Since Fluff returned last Sunday I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my boys under control.

Dr. Randall Lockwood, an American pet psychologist, says this kind of behaviour is normal for the first 6-8 weeks when new animals are introduced to each other, but it really was upsetting to watch

They’re no longer allowed in ‘her’ room when she gets fed, overnight, or when there’s no-one in the flat. We also shut the boys out if they’re being too boisterous or playful.

Today Kenco used her litter tray and she took revenge by eating his food which seems fair to me. She’s started crying for fuss and purring loudly every time I go to give her a tickle too!

She still hisses at the cats whenever they come near but it seems like my peacemaking efforts are appreciated. She’s become much more affectionate towards me.

Another eight weeks and they should be used to each other!

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