2 – Protesting

Lincoln Student’s Union (SU) hasn’t been very popular this week.

It was reported on Monday that online magazine Spiked gave Lincoln a red rating for freedom of speech. When the Conservative Society took to twitter to express their opinion on the matter, the SU banned them from all social media.

Ironic right?

The story made national news and upset many people, so a group of students organised a protest against the SU to take place on March 10.

I’ve never protested before so the thought of going to my first one seemed really exciting and definitely beat the ranting I had been doing on Twitter.


A selection of my angry tweets.

As the protest drew closer, I started to get nervous. I didn’t really know how to protest.

Did I arrive with a very crude and offensive message written on my face? I didn’t want to look out-of-place so that was out.

Did I make a cleverly worded sign? I couldn’t think of anything particularly witty regarding ‘SU’ that wasn’t just offensive profanities so that was out too.

In the end, I elected to turn up just as me. If I looked out of place I could sneak away like this hadn’t made me unbelievably angry and ashamed to be from Lincoln uni.

When I arrived outside the SU that feeling quickly started to melt away. I felt a little awkward about being on my own but the speakers were absolutely brilliant and I almost took the stage to share my views on the matter but I got too shy. Boo!

The SU were holding an open forum at the same time in an attempt to shut down the protest and they did not look happy when they saw the size of the crowd!




We reached 72 signatures on our petition within an hour, enough to request an all students meeting on the matter.

Security refused to let our full party pass as we went to hand over our petition, only allowing the select few requested by the SU leaders for a short meeting to continue.

When they returned we were told that a meeting was being arranged. We had succeeded!

I’m very proud of what we achieved as a group and I’d definitely repeat this experience, however much it sucked to not be in the favour of those in authority for once.


Our full group. Photo: Liam O’Dell

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